I’ve spent 18 years at the frontlines of the global economy and capital markets, first in Merrill Lynch’s European Energy/Power M&A Advisory, then from 2008-12 at John Paulson’s hedge fund, where I could follow the subprime crisis and its aftermath from close up. From 2012-2021, I founded and ran White Square Capital, a multi-asset manager, which I grew from €4m to >€400m AUM. Over the past few years, I’ve been writing the “Next Economy” posts, which are widely read by some of the most leading professionals across finance, business and academia. I share these for free as I find it purposeful and inspiring to share the knowledge acquired during those years

I live in London with my family, including two wonderful little boys. Having grown up in Munich, I hold a BSc from University of St. Gallen and an MSc from London School of Economics

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